Sharlisa Smotherman
Sharlisa is a lifelong resident of Calloway County.  She attended Murray High School and is a graduate of Murray State University with a BS in Management.  Mrs. Smotherman has been employed by the United States Department Agriculture for 30 years and most recently serves as the County Executive Director of the Calloway County Farm Service Agency.  She and her husband Richard operate Smotherman Farms, a wheat, corn, soybean and dark tobacco farming operation.  Their two children are Morgan Smotherman Perry and Clay Smotherman.  

Mrs. Smotherman has been involved in Parent Teacher Associations, Site Based councils and currently serves as President of Murray Calloway County Need Line.

Mrs. Smotherman stated that her affiliation with the MCCCF gives her the opportunity to help individuals and Non-Profit organizations prepare for the future.  Individuals, through personal endowments and scholarships, can leave a lasting legacy in Calloway County while Non Profits can develop and build their endowments through strong giving campaigns and donor relationships.  She further stated that while some confusion exists about the role of the community foundation it is simply investing in the future livelihood of Murray and Calloway County through a variety of planned giving initiatives.